Spring 2019 Alumni Notes

Spring 2019 Alumni Notes


Elizabeth (Werling) Hughes ’62 was recently honored in a “60 Minutes” program for her role in the remarkable story of Metropolitan Opera star Ryan Speedo Green and his rise from child delinquency and hopelessness to international and personal success. The inspiring CBS interview paid tribute to Elizabeth Hughes, Ryan’s fourth-grade teacher who always believed in him. Bette continued to guide Ryan during the downward spirals and subsequent successes in the years that followed. Their relationship continues today and Ryan thinks of Bette and her husband, Leon, as grandparents.


William Villineau ’89 has been promoted to curriculum and technology coordinator for education at the Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth, MA.  Bill has worked for the sheriff’s department for the last five years after a 20-year career in college and university residence life and housing.


This is Chris Bruce sharing my journey I have worked in several venues: hospital, nursing home, and home healthcare.  Amongst this work, I graduated with a double M.A. from Ashland Theological Seminary in 1998 and then while battling cancer I got a Ph.D. in natural medicine in 2017 so I could save my life.  I have been on medical disability during part of that time.  I am now retired from bedside nursing and have moved on to a new career as a writer. I wrote a “Me Too” sort of book under the pen name of Micah Mason it is my poetry from years of counseling titled “My Therapy Journal: A Healing Journey”, it is a healing and spiritual journey.  I am asking you to please pass on this link for a facebook ad.  https://fb.me/brVUQN954qRBY1

Mila Harding ’97 was featured in Marquis Top Nurses in the USA in August 2018.

James Divine ’99 started a new position last fall teaching middle school band and orchestra in Colorado Springs. He and his wife welcomed their 4th grandchild (1st grandson) on Father’s Day.


Kelli Konst-Skwiot ’06 of Longmont, CO got a new position at Grand River Health in Rifle, CO as a new, local primary care physician.

Ryan Ciriello ’07 was awarded the Leaders and Luminaries Award from Camden National Bank and Maine Association of Nonprofits for his work with Milestone Recovery.

Jaclyn (Jaeger) Pietrafetta ’01 recently published her first book, The Childfree Society Club, now available on Amazon. She continues to work as a journalist and editor at Compliance Week in Boston. She and her husband now live in Pelham, NH.

Kevin Melega ’09 has been promoted to director of Digital Marketing at Unum in Portland, ME.

Michael Blais ’09 of Portland, ME started a new position at Saint Joseph’s College as an adjunct faculty member.

Julio Vazquez III ’13 has started a podcast with his best friend of 20 years called Grind.

Thao Kieu ‘18 is applying her skills as a beekeeper by locating and caretaking a hive on a farm named Root & Soul whose operations are being revived by classmate Elyse Caiazzo ‘18 in South Portland. Thao has trained with Phil Gaven, master beekeeper and owner of the Honey Exchange in Portland.

Thao Kieu ‘18 has been training with Phil Gaven, master beekeeper and owner of the Honey Exchange in Portland. Here, she locates a new hive on a farm run by Elyse Caiazzo ’18.


Mary Jo (Stanton) Farley ’10, ’11 married Brian Farley ’12 on September 15, 2018 at Granite Ridge Estate in Norway, ME.

SJC Alumni Wedding
Left to right: Scott and Leo McEnelly ’12, Sarah Gapp ’10, Nick Lemieux ’12, Mary Jo Farley ’10/’11, Katherine Dedian ’10, Audrey Pitteroff  ’13, Cortney Muldoon ’10, Angela Figurido ’10, Mollie Maguire ’11, Lauren Spencer ’11, Kendra Bryer ’13, Sophie Smith ’13,  Rebecca and Gerry Howley ’12, Michael Rizzo ’12, Chris Sacoco ’11, Jonathan (Chachi) Horgan ’12, Travis Ames ’12, Maria Mitropoulos ’11, Joe Happnie, ’11, Andre Cushing ’11, Meg McDevitt ’12, Allison Zellers ’10, Sydney Mosher ’10, Ashley Walukevich ’12, Joe Crocker ’10, Nathan Pinette ’10, Alicia Marshia ’11,Laura Regan ’11, and Brian Farley ’12.


SJC Alumni Newborn

Aubrey (Gray) Baum ’08 and Ellis Baum ’98 welcomed Arthur Ellis Baum in July, 2018. Artie is looking forward to being a future Monk!

Mike Giampetruzzi ’06 welcomed his baby boy James Robert Giampetruzzi on November 7, 2018.

Sam Tupper ’07 and Samantha (Hill) Tupper ’09 welcomed a baby boy, Henry Jackson Tupper, in December 2018.

SJC Alumni Newborn


Patricia Clifford  ’70 of South Portland, ME died on September 3, 2018 at the age of 70. She was a resident of Atlanta, GA for many years where she worked at the State of Georgia Division of Mental Health. Upon retirement she returned to ME and resided in Old Orchard. 

Elizabeth (Beth) Howells Murphy ’70 of Summit, NJ, died on June 10, 2018 at the age of 69. Beth retired after 29 years as an elementary school teacher. She was a volunteer at Overlook Medical Center, a lector at St. Teresa of Avila Church for many years, and a nursery director at the Connection in Summit.