Supporters Help Saint Joseph’s College Shine on First Annual Giving Day

Saint Joseph’s Alumni help raise over $60,000

Supporters Help Saint Joseph’s College Shine on First Annual Giving Day

Saint Joseph’s Alumni help raise over $60,000

On this year’s Feast of Saint Joseph, March 19, 2019, Saint Joseph College held its first annual 24-hour Giving Day challenge with a goal of raising $56,000 to commemorate the Sisters of Mercy moving the campus to Standish in 1956. The community came together and truly made the College shine. A total of over $60,000 was raised to support students!

Alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, trustees, and friends of the College shared why they are thankful for Saint Joseph’s through comments from across campus, online, through emails, and over phone lines. Our community demonstrated the profound impact that the College has made professionally and personally on countless lives.

As word spread online of the day’s progress, that evening Sr. Mary George O’Toole ’51, PhD (Hon. ’90), RSM and Sr. Joyce Mahany, PhD (Hon. ’09), RSM helped call alums and friends to talk about the importance of a Saint Joseph’s College education. We reached our goal by 8 p.m. but support continued to pour in with gifts arriving from as far away as Australia!

Our first Giving Day was a complete success thanks to the collective efforts of a community that clearly loves this College, our students, coaches, faculty, and the Sisters of Mercy who brought SJC to this beautiful lakeside site in 1956. Thank you for answering the call to “Shine the Light” on SJC during the Feast of Saint Joseph.

Giving Day Feedback From Our Community

Giving Day lightbulb

“Giving shouldn’t be thought of as losing something that you have, but helping someone else gain what they need.”

“I loved my online experience with SJC. The professors were fabulous and I pray for them every day. Keep up the great work.”

“St. Joseph’s has been instrumental in shaping the leader and person I am today and I am honored to be able to support the ongoing development of current and emerging leaders in healthcare. Thank you.“

“Sister Mary George’s request to participate in St. Joseph’s Giving Day was simply impossible to resist. “

“Loving Saint Joseph’s 50 years after graduation!”

“I am proud of my years at SJC and the many friendships I continue to enjoy and treasure.”

“Honored to soon be a part of the distinguished corps of alumni after my graduation in May.”